What Happened To Link After Majora’S Mask?

There are many theories as to why Navi would so abruptly leave Link without any apparent explanation.

One is that owing to the fact that Link is not a Kokiri, and thus was never meant to have a fairy companion in the first place, Navi had to depart once his quest had been fulfilled..

However, knowing that Twilight Princess Link is a descendant of the Hero’s Shade (the Hero of Time from Ocarina of Time), who also knew Epona’s song and “owned” Epona as of Majora’s Mask, it is also possible that Link and Malon were never a thing and Link simply raised his children to be ranchers.

Does Ocarina of Time have multiple endings?

The ending of Ocarina of Time has multiple outcomes and serves a pivotal moment in the Timeline.

What happened to the fairy ocarina?

In game (canon), it just got replaced or upgraded as you will with the Ocarina of Time. In the game’s manga (not canon), Ganondorf took it thinking it was the Ocarina of Time. Ya in game the items that got upgraded on the same spot as the first item.

The end of Majora’s Mask Shows Link Alive, Back in the Lost Woods. Majora’s Mask that already prove Link is alive after he is done in Termina.

The split is caused when Zelda sends Link back in time after he defeats Ganon at the end of OoT. Thus, Adult Link disappears from the current timeline, in which he just beat Ganon. … He remembers everything that just happened to him as an adult, and thus is able to warn Zelda about Ganondorf.

Link ends up back at Hyrule safe and sound where he is thought of as a hero because of the events of OOT. … But one day, when Link is old and dying, he decides that he wants to die in the home of his youth, so he goes back into the Lost Woods, dies, and becomes a Stalfos.

He is known as the “Hero of the Skies” from Skyward Sword; “Hero of the Minish” from Minish Cap; The Four Who are One from “Four Swords”; “Hero of Time” from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask; “Hero Chosen by the Gods” from Twilight Princess (also called the “Hero of Twilight” in fandom); “Hero of Light” from Four …

What happened Navi?

Ganondorf was able to separate Navi from Link at one point with dark magic during the final battle, but it was brief. In the last round with Ganon, the fairy rejoined Link to help take down the Gerudo King. At the end of the journey when Link is returned to his own time, Navi flies up to the window and disappears.

A Link Between Worlds The Mask cannot be worn, although Link can merge into the wall behind it to create an illusion of wearing it. The Mask was placed in the game as a hint of the Nintendo 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask.

Skull Kid scares Epona, Link hits his head and dies. Link’s body is discovered and news of his death reaches Zelda. Overwrought with grief, she makes for the Triforce and uses it to wish Link back to life. The Triforce does its thing and then scatters at the worst possible moment.

In Hyrule Historia, it is revealed that the Hero’s Shade is actually the Hero of Time, Link, from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.