Quick Answer: Where Can You Change The Thickness Of The Shapes Outline?

Which tab is used to insert the picture?

To insert a picture from a file: Select the Insert tab, then click the Pictures command in the Images group.

A dialog box will appear.

Locate and select the desired image file, then click Insert.

The picture will appear on the currently selected slide..

How is inserting a shape different from inserting a picture?

Answer. The steps involved in inserting a pic are different from those of inserting a shape. … Inserting a picture is probably a bit more longer process than inserting a shape and u can select the pic from any saved file but u can only insert a shape which is present on the menu.

How can you insert shapes in document?

To add a shape, click Insert, click Shapes, select a shape, and then click and drag to draw the shape. After you add one or more shapes, you can add text, bullets, and numbering to them, and you can change their fill, outline, and other effects on the Format tab.

Why can’t I insert shapes in Word?

As the issue occurs with specific document, you may recreate the document then save it in a different name. Then reopen the new document and check if the ‘Insert > Shapes’ option is enabled. To create an instance of document, click on the ‘View’ tab > click on ‘New Window’ under ‘Window’ group.

Where can you change the thickness of the shapes outline in Word?

To change the shape outline: Click the Format tab. Click the Shape Outline command to display a drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, you can change the outline color, weight (thickness), and whether it is a dashed line.

How do you change the thickness of a shape in Powerpoint?

Change the weight of a lineSelect the line that you want to change. … Under Drawing Tools, on the Format tab, in the Shape Styles group, click the arrow next to Shape Outline. … Point to Weight, and then click the line weight that you want.

What tab has to use to insert the shapes?

To add shapes: 2Go to the Insert tab. 3Under Pictures & Tables, click Shapes. 4Select the shape you want from the list. You can create shapes by selecting the Custom Shapes option from the list.

What tab has to use to insert the shapes answer?

The Insert Tab is used to insert different features such as tables, pictures, clip art, shapes, charts, page numbers, word art, headers, and footers into a document. The table below describes each of the groups and buttons available on this tab. document.

How do you insert a tab?

We use Insert tab to insert the picture, charts, filter, hyperlink etc. We use this option to insert the objects in Excel. To open the insert tab, press shortcut keys Alt+N.

What is the Insert tab?

The Insert tab contains various items that you may want to insert into a document. These items include such things as tables, word art, hyperlinks, symbols, charts, signature line, date & time, shapes, header, footer, text boxes, links, boxes, equations and so on.