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What does the name Moana mean in English?

The name Moana means Ocean Or Sea and is of Hawaiian origin.

Polynesian name meaning a “vast body of water.” Title character in a Disney animated movie of the same name.

Common in the Maori and Hawaiian languages..

What does Kekela mean in Hawaiian?

Excellence from HeavenA submission from California, U.S. says the name Kekela means “Excellence from Heaven” and is of Hawaiian origin.

What does Moana mean in Hawaiian?

[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)] moana. 1. n. Ocean, open sea, lake.

What does Kalani mean in Hawaiian?

Etymology. ka (“the”) + lani (“heavens; sky; king, queen”) meaning “the heavens”, “sky”, “royal one”, or “chief”. Also short for many compound names beginning with Kalani-.

Did the pig die in Moana?

The Pig Drowned in the First Act & Died Early on in the film, Moana and her pig get swept up by a dangerous current and almost die.

What’s Moana’s pig called?

PuaWith Moana, Hei-Hei the rooster and Pua the pig were meant to be more overtly based on Clements and Musker, but it changed when the story called for Pua to stay on the island and Hei-Hei’s IQ to be decimated. “The original joke was that this cranky rooster was based on John and the pig was based on me,” says Clements.

Is Moana worth watching?

It’s a quiet ending and an exciting beginning, and definitely worth your time to watch.

What does Teka mean?

The name Teka is of African Amharic origin. The meaning of Teka is “he has replaced”. Teka is generally used as a boy’s name. It consists of 4 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced Te-ka.

Is Moana a boy or girl?

The name Moana is a girl’s name of Maori, Polynesian origin meaning “Sea”. This Maori name, often heard in New Zealand, is an exotic, evocative choice for a sea lover. Moana is a Polynesian sea god and was also an alternate name for the heroine Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth.

Is Moana a real name?

Moana is not a Hawaiian princess It’s no surprise, then, that a flurry of theories were elaborated about the origins of Moana. For instance, her full name is Moana Waialiki, which has a Hawaiian ring to it because of the “W”, uncommon in the rest of Polynesia.

What does Miki mean in Hawaiian?

as a girls’ name (also used as boys’ name Miki) is pronounced MEE-kee. It is of Japanese and Hawaiian origin, and the meaning of Miki is “three trees together; quick, nimble”. Mikki is sometimes used as a short form of names like Michaela.