Question: Is It Okay To Eat Lettuce With Brown Edges?

Can you get sick from eating brown lettuce?

A-The brown spots on lettuce may be cosmetically undesirable, but they do not make the lettuce unsafe to eat.

The spots may be the result of a high storage temperature.

Lettuce should be stored at a fairly low temperature in an airtight container..

How can you tell if lettuce has gone bad?

How To Tell If Lettuce Is Bad?Browning edges of leaves. Some browning is normal when the lettuce is old. … Slimy or mushy leaves. If only the outermost leaf of two are slimy, discard them and use the rest. … Off or rancid smell. … Dark spots. … Mold.

Why does my lettuce turn brown?

The most common reason for browning on lettuce is a chemical process known as oxidation. Enzymes activated by cutting the leaves or stems produce compounds that result in brown stains, especially at the base or anywhere the leaves are damaged during harvest and storage. … Avoid washing lettuce before storing.

Is lettuce safe to eat when it turns red?

The redness of the roots of the lettuce is the result of oxidation, and the chlorophyll is oxidized. It is non-toxic and can be eaten.

When should you throw out lettuce?

Now, it’s important to note, that if the lettuce is slimy or has begun to grow mold, it should most certainly be tossed out — brown spots or no brown spots (via Livestrong).

Is it OK to eat brown avocado?

Avocados, like apples, turn brown when exposed to air. It’s actually a chemical reaction and not a sign of spoiled avocado. … The brown part of an avocado might look unappetizing and can taste bitter, but it’s still safe to eat. You’d have to leave an avocado out for a few days before it spoiled from oxidation.