Question: Is Area F2 Shutting Down?

Can you still play area f2?

Following the footsteps of Tencent & Activision, Qookka Games released Area F2 game for Android devices.

But there is sad news for Area F2 fans, as the app is not available any more on the Play Store.

Developers have decided to shut down the game & they have also shared a termination message within the game..

Is area f2 good?

Area F2 is a shooting game on mobile that does its job well. Players who want to take R6S on the go should definitely take a look at this one. There’s also a lot of potential for this game to eventually become an esports title if enough people play it. … Play the game on Android via the Google Play Store.

Why is area f2 not working?

According to the official announcement, the game’s issues would not be repairable without large-scale, in-depth adjustments. As a result, the developers decided to shut down the project. … Players who spent money on Area F2 in-game purchases are able to request refunds after the game terminates later today.

Why is area f2 closed?

The Area F2 team announced the service closure on its website on Wednesday (May 20), explaining that it was “carrying out improvements to Area F2 in order to deliver a better experience to players”. … “We are not willing to accept an experience that we cannot deliver smoothly to as many players as we can.

Is area f2 on iOS?

Qookka Games has announced that the much-hyped Area F2 is now globally available for Android and iOS devices. According to Qookka Games, it is the world’s first 5v5 Close Quarter Battle (CQB) FPS shooting game on mobile devices.

Who created area f2?

Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.’“Area F2,” created by Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.’s, is a “near carbon copy” of Rainbow Six: Siege, and that can’t be “seriously be disputed,” Ubisoft said in a complaint filed Friday in federal court in Los Angeles.

Will there be a Rainbow Six Siege mobile?

Rainbow Six Siege coming to Xbox Game Pass for Android later this week. Microsoft has just added a new giant offering to Xbox Game Pass’ mobile library in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Is area f2 coming back?

Area F2 is ready to GO GLOBAL! The official launch will be available on April 30, 2020. All players from the world will be able to download the game from Play Store/AppStore at that time.

How do I change my f2 server?

How do I change my Server Region?Start the LaunchPad application.In the upper left-hand corner, click on the Version link (you may be prompted to log in).Use the drop-down menu under ‘Select Game Version’ to choose either US Servers or EU Servers.Click ‘Apply’ to change your selection.More items…•