Do Us Trademarks Expire?

How long is a US trademark good for?

ten yearsIn the United States, a federal trademark can potentially last forever, but it has to be renewed every ten years.

If the mark is still being used between the 5th and the 6th year after it was registered, then the registration can be renewed..

What happens if my trademark expire?

Once the expiry date has passed, your trade mark will no longer have the benefit of any rights arising from registration. At the end of the six-month grace period, if your renewal fee has not been paid, your trade mark will be removed from the register and can’t be restored.

How do I renew an expired trademark?

If the trademark has expired you have 6 months within which you may restore it and retain your rights over it. If it’s been fully removed because that six months has lapsed then you will need to apply for it again through a new application.

How do I renew my US trademark?

The Declaration of Use and the renewal are normally done through the USPTO website using their electronic filing system called TEAS. You can enter the required data in a form, upload images and credit card information, and receive confirmation via email. The dates for renewal are critical.